Private Inline Skating Lesson

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Alien In-Line offers Individual, Small-Group, and Family Private Lessons with our certified Instructors.  Bring your own equipment or rent from our selection of Rollerblade inline skates, custom Alien In-Line protective gear, and Triple8 multi-impact helmets.  Choose your difficulty level – everything from a relaxing Sunday skate to a challenging workout on the pathway!

First time on skates?  We can get you up on your feet and skating under your own power.  Then we can expand into pathway skating safety, how to deal with obstacles, and how to fall safely.  You can pick the specific skills and the pace that you are comfortable with in your Private Lesson.

Want a Family Lesson?  We have equipment for all sizes from age 4 and up, and our instructors are experts in teaching kids how to inline skate!

Want a cost-conscious way to brush up on your skills?  Book a Small Group Lesson with a friend, partner, or group tailored to your desired pace.

Looking for a challenge?  Our Instructors have backgrounds in skating disciplines such as street, pathway, speed, artistic, freestyle, hockey, urban, aggressive, slalom, derby, and skate park.