How to Choose the Right Size Skates



Choosing the right size of skates is a crucial step in making the most of your outings while being comfortable and having good support. Indeed, by choosing the right size, you make sure to have an optimal power transfer and more control, just like in downhill skiing, for example. 

We recommend a firm fit around the foot, but make sure you don't have any pressure points. Your toes should brush against the end of the skate, without being tucked in. Keep in mind that the liner when used a few times, tends to compress, which can increase the interior volume by 1/2 to 1 full size. A size too large will help create friction and decrease control, while a size too small can create pain. 

Here are some key points when trying on your skates at home:

  • Try on both skates and secure them tightly.

  • Stand up and get into a skating position, that is, with the knees slightly bent. This allows the foot to move back and anchor it firmly in the bottom of the skate. 

  • Check that your toes are not touching the tip and that they are within 0.5 cm of the tip.



Your shoe size is a good place to start, but generally speaking, manufacturers have specific size guides for their products. We therefore advise to always read the size guides available on the product pages. 

To make sure you choose the right size, we recommend measuring your feet in centimeters. This is called the Mondo Point (MP) size, which allows you to have the exact size of your foot. The vast majority of manufacturers will include this reference in their size chart, which will make your decision easier, as manufacturers do not always refer to the same shoe sizes. 

Here is the procedure for measuring your foot: 

  1. Place a sheet of paper on the floor, against a wall

  2. Place your foot on the sheet of paper, making sure your heel touches the wall

  3. Draw a line at the point furthest from your foot

  4. Repeat with the other foot

  5. Measure the distance in centimeters of both feet and choose the longer length

  6. That's all!


Feel free to contact us at any time if you are unsure and want to talk it through with one of our experts. We'll be able to quickly guide you in the right direction to choose the right skate and size for you.