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Alien In-Line Protective Gear Combo Pack

Alien In-Line Protective Gear Combo Pack

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Alien In-Line Protective Gear 3-Pack is custom designed by Alien In-Line staff to meet the growing need in our school programs for a more durable safety pad that could withstand repeated heavy use and machine washing.

Flexible plastic caps absorb impact but won’t crack when you hit the ground; wide elastic straps ensure a comfortable and secure fit – heavy duty elastic always returns to its original shape; stretchable sleeve helps keep the pad in place; special high-cycle-life Velcro can be opened and closed more than 1,000 times without losing its adhesion; bonded nylon thread and double stitching hold up under repeated use.

  • Protection for Wrists, Elbows, and Knees.
  • Durable – tested in school programs to withstand back-to-back use day after day.
  • Extra Protection – extra foam above the knee and elbow protects against scrapes.
  • Comfortable – thick foam padding absorbs impact.
  • Washable – all pads can be machine washed and dried with the Velcro closed.
  • Breathable – lightweight design dries quickly.


XS: fits most kids age 4-6

S: fits most kids age 7-11 and smaller teens

M: fits most kids age 11+, most teens, and smaller adults

L: fits most older teens and adults.

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